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SWITZ Antivirus 2013 is antivirus software of new generation, designed to protect your operating system and personal
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11 June 2013

Editor's review

It is often said that attack is the best defense. However most traditional antivirus tools on the contrary seem to layback and wait for a threat to materialize before blocking them. Thus a host of emerging exploits make their way into our systems and cause a lot of hassles. Now if you are looking for a proactive security tool then you should get hold of SWITZ Antivirus 1.1.3545.0 application as it uses a heuristics based detection mechanism to detect suspected programs based on their behavior. Even if a malicious program is not present in its database, it uses its behavioral tracking mechanism to identify the extent of threat and block it.

The SWITZ Antivirus 1.1.3545.0 on launch displays an aesthetically appealing interface with major options available on the top pane. The primary scan options offered include a full scan, a quick and a custom scan which is quite expected. The application is designed to scan each download that you make and can be configured to scan your emails too. Further it comes loaded with a firewall that prevents intrusions and it also is very effective in spotting suspected network traffic originating from your system. Using its Guard option it verifies the process that are active in real time and can isolate the ones that may seem to be dubious. It comes with an intuitive web filter that helps you block sites and even place restrictions on internet usage, especially if you have kids in the house. Overall the application is tailored in a manner that it cuts out the fluff of unnecessary options and even a novice user can use it with ease.

The SWITZ Antivirus 1.1.3545.0 is highly effective against emerging threats which earns it a score of 3 rating points on a scale of five. It also gains appreciation for its sleek interface and effective web filter options.

Publisher's description

SWITZ Antivirus 2013 is antivirus software of new generation, designed to protect your operating system and personal data from all kinds of cyber-threats.
Advantages of SWITZ Antivirus 2013, which put this security solution in line with TOP programs developed by market leaders, are:
1. Heuristic analyzer - proactive defense system that can automatically detect and identify malicious software, even if it was not previously included in a database of malicious antivirus programs;
2. Guard - verification system of files and processes which are running on the computer in real time;
3. Firewall - protection against network threats and unauthorized access applications and programs installed on your computer;
4. Mail filter - system designed to protect your computer from malicious programs via electronic correspondence - one of the most common methods of spreading viruses;
5. WEB-filter - system, which allow to define and to limit the access of users to sites containing malicious software.
The reliability of the protection offered by SWITZ Antivirus 2013 is determined by:
- the presence of over 8 million objects in antivirus database;
- daily update of antivirus databases for 25-30 thousand objects;
- 99% of the automation of the virus in the database of the program, excluding the human factor;
- an integrated approach to your computer protection, thanks to the security elements listed above.
The program interface allows even users with a low level of computer skills to interact with the antivirus and to:
- scan the system for viruses;
- customize settings for applications and processes;
- adjust, if necessary, the frequency and regularity of antivirus updating.
Buying Lifetime License on SWITZ Antivirus you:
1. Receive Antivirus with UNLIMITED time of usage.
2. Save your money and time.
3. Get guarantees of high level service.
4. Gain additional confidence in our company.
5. Forget about any problems of protection.
SWITZ Antivirus
SWITZ Antivirus
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User comments

Such an easy and amazing antivirus software to use.
David Hatkin
I had a small client who always used free antivirus till they ended up with viruses on their network. We were skeptical about using a new name brand but decided to give it a chance because a tech guy at Switz agreed to remotely log in and install the AV onto the network. Seems the viruses got in through a USB device or an email attachment, both of those areas are noa protected. Would definitely recommend these guys.
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